This is serious perseverance. Forward this to people who complain about Mondays.

ROCKY RIVER, Ohio – Mysha DeJong of Rocky River beat the odds.

In a little more than two weeks, the 18-year-old honor student will accomplish something many thought would never happen: she is graduating on-time, with her class, after undergoing major surgery to have the left side of her brain removed.

DeJong says, “It was really difficult because I had puberty changes like that going on and you deal with that and school work and brain surgery and that’s never easy. ”

Mysha was born with a brain malformation – a rare condition that caused her to have frequent, debilitating seizures.

“She was taking about 27 pills a day. Her brain was in a constant state of seizure, not always physically, but the brain itself seized and it made her unable to learn, unable to function,” says Mysha’s mother Melissa Holman.

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