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Is ‘hangry’ really a thing? Apparently, it is. For everyone out there who experiences this, here is the reasoning.

The LAD Bible – Well, as it turns out, you can actually blame your hangriness on science. Because someone has worked out what makes us so angry when we’re hungry. We’re going to try and explain it in the simplest way possible…

When we eat, all the nutrients in our food get broken down and distributed around the body by our blood. But as time passes after your last meal, the nutrients start to run out and your brain sees it as a life-threatening situation. That’s because the brain is critically dependent on glucose to do its job.

So when blood glucose levels are low in the body, your body thinks you are hungry and everything becomes a bit more difficult. Which means you can conjure enough brain power to not snap at someone important, like your boss, but those you’re generally more relaxed with may feel the full force of your hangriness.

Here are the scientific facts…

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