The battle over the Confederate flag isn’t over. Is it heritage or hate? 

Hot Air – As the New York Times reports this week, we obviously didn’t have enough other things to worry about between terrorists trying to burn down the world (at least the Christian parts of it) and our cities spilling over with racially charged protests and riots. No… that’s not enough to keep anyone busy, so we may has well have yet another fight over the Confederate flag. Having cast out the demons of South Carolina and turned the entire state into a bastion of racial equality and harmony, the fight moves even deeper into the deep south. Dane Waters, the head of Tipping Point strategies, is heading to Mississippi in an attempt to bind together a coaltion of community and government leaders to tear the stars and bars from the state flag once and for all.

This week, Mr. Waters, a self-described conservative who has been retained by a group of people he declined to name, will arrive in Mississippi to pick up a difficult task: forming an unlikely and perhaps unmanageable alliance of preachers, business executives, state boosters and civil rights advocates to remove forever the Confederate battle flag from the state flag.

He is working with the Flag for All Mississippians Coalition, which was started by Sharon Brown, an activist in Jackson, who is black. The campaign has already been organizing supporters and held a hundreds-strong rally at the State Capitol. But Mr. Waters spoke of other tools that will be brought to bear outside the public eye, such as pressure on political donors and lobbying in the Legislature.

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