Did gun laws stop this criminal from using a gun illegally?

Delaware Online – In late summer 2011, court documents say Pinkston walked up to a man, pointed a gun at him and took his cellphone.

Pinkston, who had already been convicted of two felonies and was a suspect in a still-unsolved homicide, was arrested by Wilmington police and charged with robbery and several gun counts.

But the Delaware Attorney General’s Office cut a deal with him in 2012, agreeing to drop three weapon charges that carried a maximum of 41 years in prison in exchange for Pinkston admitting to second-degree robbery and terroristic threatening, which carried a maximum of eight years in prison.

Soon after being released from his 12-month prison sentence, Pinkston, police said, shot and killed 25-year-old Arteise Brown in Wilmington last year.

Brown, who had two young sons, and another woman were shot on April 28 as Brown visited relatives about three blocks from her home in the 700 block of W. Fourth Street. Pinkston faces charges of second-degree murder, first-degree assault, four counts of reckless endangering, possession of a deadly weapon during commission of a felony and deadly weapon possession by a person prohibited at his trial is scheduled for next month.

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