To say this guy is brave is an understatement.

Daily Mail – You’d never know it with his clothes on, but 22-year-old blogger Matt Diaz is carrying around sizable rolls of excess skin underneath his shirt, and he’s finally ready to reveal it to his fans.

Mr Diaz, from Brooklyn, New York, has lost an impressive 270lbs from his nearly-500lb frame since the age of 16 – a journey he’s documented on his Tumblr blog, My Annoyances – but he has ‘never’ shown his excess skin before, and says he can no longer ‘preach’ about body positivity while continuing to hide his own flaws.

So, in an emotional video he shared on Tuesday, Mr Diaz removed his shirt and stated: ‘I’m really scared to put this up. But I think it’s important for me to share this with you guys, because this is who I am.’ 

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