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Here’s the reality of what breast cancer actually looks like.

Daily Mail – A breast cancer survivor has posted shocking images of her chest post-treatment to raise awareness of the disease.

Jenn Alter, 36, from Saint Louis, Missouri, uploaded the graphic photos, which have now gone viral, to her Tumblr blog Pushing In the Pin.

The pictures, which Jenn posted with the caption ‘here’s your f****** breast cancer awareness’ show the mother’s red-raw chest after a 35-day radiation treatment.

At first glance Jenn’s chest resembles a burn victim’s wounds, with seared flesh and painful-looking red patches of skin surrounding her breast.

A wincing close up shows red scars and broken skin resulting from the treatment that she underwent to kill the cancer cells.

On her blog, Jenn wrote: ‘Here’s your f****** breast cancer awareness.

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