If only there more people in the world like this guy. 

The LAD Bible – Meet the incredible lawyer who has saved over 500 women and young girls snatched from their families to be used as sex slaves by Islamic State.

Khaleel al-Dakhi has been risking his own life rescuing those who have been taken by ISIS since a siege on Mount Sinjar last August, in which more than 3,000 women and children were siezed by the terrorist organisation.

They beat the women, they gang rape them, they make them have forced marriage with many men. Some women have their infant babies taken away by force.They take them to a slave market and give women to each other like a gift.

Since the siege, Khaleel has worked with associates to rescue 530 of the captured women. To carry out the dangerous work, Khaleel works with more than 100 contacts in ISIS-controlled areas who pass phones to the girls so they can speak to Khaleel before they are smuggled to a safe house and given fake ISIS ID cards. They are then hidden for 10 days until the frontline fighting has died down and the coast is clear. Fianlly, they walk for two days and nights without a break to a safe pick-up zone.

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