This mom calls out parents who let their kids sit in church and play on their iPads in an epic way.

By Elizabeth, For Every Mom

To the Parents Who Let Their Children Play on Their iPad During Church:

Would you allow me suggest what I believe this is communicating to your children?

Church is for grownups. The music, the prayer time, the teaching from the Word has no relevance to you as a child. 

The musicians, the pastor, God Himself does not expect your full attention and respect during this time. You do your thing while the rest of us do ours. 

It is perfectly acceptable for you to detach from social situations. You are not a part of this gospel community, and you are welcome to separate yourself from the group.

There is no reality in this faith of ours. It is void of any life-changing power. Please just sit there and stay busy until the service is complete. 

While I realize that [for most parents] it would most definitely not be their intention to communicate the above messages to their children, but I believe that when you allow your kids to completely disengage to do something apart from what the rest of the faith community is doing during that time, one can not ignore what this is teaching your young ones.

As a mom of little ones, I am so thankful for the nursery teachers that have cared for my babies. Their service is much appreciated. However, as our oldest began to enter into the preschool years, we became intentional about beginning to train him to join in the corporate worship time.

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