For some reason I have a strange feeling that he is going to be really surprised on judgement day.

Daily Mail – When mega church leader Creflo Dollar wanted a new private jet he asked his parishioners to open their hearts and wallets and help foot the $65m bill.

But when it comes to his own finances, the Rev Creflo is considerably less open.

Documents obtained by Daily Mail Online show that the pastor and televangelist was threatened with prison for failing to hand over documents that would reveal the source of his income.

He was held in contempt of court –  carrying the possibility of prison – during a messy divorce between boxer Evander Holyfield and his second wife.

The preacher refused to cooperate in the civil case. A judge even wrote a personal letter to Creflo pleading with him as a ‘man of God’ to comply with the law.

But Creflo refused – and used every legal maneuver to get out of revealing anything to do with his finances by appealing to the Georgia Supreme Court.

Years later he would evade a Senate finance committee inquiry into his finances although it was learned that in 2006 his Atlanta based church pulled in $69m in one year.

Creflo was deemed the ‘least cooperative’ out of six televangelists who were under investigation amid concern by politicians that their churches were using a tax exempt status to fund extravagant lifestyles.

After three years the probe was abandoned when Dollar, and the others, refused to comply with the demands to hand over paperwork that would document their incomes.

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