That really takes some courage to do what he did.

Daily Mail – From the moment he was born, Howard Shulman was considered an outcast.

A bacterial infection ravaged his face, leaving a gaping hole where his nose, lower right eyelid, tear ducts, lips, and palate would have been.

His parents, unable to cope with their son’s deformity, left him in the hands of the state and he spent the rest of his childhood in foster care.

Almost 40 years later, after hundreds of painful operations, he is a married entrepreneur living in San Diego and has two stepdaughters.

And, despite the heartbreak of losing his parents as a child, he has revealed in a new book how he tracked his mother down and confronted her.  

In Running from the Mirror, he describes first contacting his mother after watching a TV commercial aimed at ‘finding loved ones’. He paid $50 for information and eventually reached his biological mother.

After speaking on the phone, the pair arranged to meet at a deli. There his mother admitted to him she couldn’t handle the medical attention their son would need, but at the same time insisted she had no regrets.

When he was born he was made a ward of New Jersey.

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