Want to know how to spot a terrorist at the airport? Here’s what the TSA looks for. 

Daily Mail – A behavioral checklist that the Transportation Security Administration uses to help identify airport travelers they believe could be potential terrorists has been revealed.

The Screening of Passengers by Observation Techniques system, nicknamed SPOT, breaks down body language and demeanor the TSA believes indicates either ‘stress’ or ‘deception’.

Mannerisms are assigned points based on their severity and are assessed by trained ‘Behavior Detection Officers’, who observe passengers as they go through the security checkpoint.

Behaviors are given points based on their perceived severity. If you walk through security with a ‘face pale from recent shaving of beard’ or happen to be yawning or whistling, you can be assigned one point.

A strong body odor, sweaty palms and a bobbing Adam’s apple can also get you one point, according to the checklist obtained by The Intercept.

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