Conrad Hilton III had a melt down, threatening to kill crew members, on a transatlantic flight last summer. 

Daily Mail – Transatlantic flights are bad enough, imagine the horror of having to spend 10 hours cooped up in an enclosed space with a spoiled brat on a drug-fueled meltdown.

That’s what British-born life coach Patricia Mitchell went through when she flew from London to LA last summer on board the same flight as hotel heir Conrad Hughes Hilton III, younger brother of the famous Paris.

Hilton was arrested for his disturbing behavior on board the British Airways flight on July 31, in which he smoked marijuana in a lavatory, threw punches and threatened to ‘f****** kill’ multiple crew members.

On Tuesday, as Hilton celebrated his 21st birthday, GQ published Mitchell’s account of the transatlantic flight from hell which ended in Hilton being escorted off the plane in cuffs (though his lawyers have since saved him from any serious punishment).

According to an affidavit written by an FBI agent who investigated the incident, Hilton first started to cause a disturbance when he refused to turn off his phone before take off.

‘He was dressed posh casual, expensive haircut. He looked like a polo player and walked with a sure-footed march, being loud… I heard a lot of “f****.”

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