Were you supporting gay marriage or were you really just helping Facebook collect data?

CIF – Recently, with the announcement of the legalization of same sex marriage in America, people have been coming out voicing their opinions on the ruling very loudly. For supporters, one of the easiest yet most effective ways has been to change their profile picture so that it has a transparent rainbow overlay using a tool set up by Facebook itself.

Within just a few hours, over 1 million users had changed their Facebook profile picture to include this rainbow image using the ‘Celebrate Pride’ tool. To date, more than 26 million users have used the tool.

While it seems like an innocent way to show your support for marriage for gay Americans, there may be something slightly more ingenuine going on. Facebook users using the ‘Celebrate Pride’ tool may be falling into a trap – a data trap, that is.

Back in 2014, it was discovered that Facebook had been conducting psychological experiments on its users without their knowledge. The social media giant studied how different users moods and statuses reflected what they saw on their own news feed, even going so far as to cater specific content to users to determine how it would effect their own mood.

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