Joseph Aldridge went on a shooting rampage when one of the families in his town denied him a job. Now we see why no one wanted to hire him. 

Daily Mail – A reclusive Missouri man shot dead four relatives and three neighbors in a nighttime rampage after one of the other families in the town denied his request for a job, a resident said.

Joseph Aldridge, 36, allegedly opened fire in four separate locations on Thursday night in Tyrone, Texas County.

The shooter may have unsuccessfully asked Darrell Shriver, 68, for a job before killing him, his son Carey Shriver, 46, and Carey’s wife, Valirea, 44, according to the elder victim’s cousin John, 72.

Nine people are dead in the tiny rural community – including Aldridge, who turned the gun on himself after the shooting spree that followed the death of his 74-year-old mother Alice, who had been ill.

It was known in the town that Joseph Aldridge’s family and the Shrivers had been feuding for years, a resident of nearby Summersville told Daily Mail Online.

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