Kardashian fans aren’t going to like the shirt Slayer’s guitarist was wearing during their concert in Long Island.

Billboard – Tuesday night at the Paramount in Long Island, New York was a black tee affair as fans of Slayer slinked into the 1,500-capacity vanue for a scorching lesson in classic American thrash metal by the band that helped birth the genre. But one shirt stood out: that of guitarist Gary Holt, which read “Kill the Kardashians.”

The pop culture reference riled up the packed-to-the-gills crowd at the nearly 100 year-old former vaudeville theater while the temperature rose to nearly intolerable. Not that attendees seemed to mind one bit as they craned their necks for a prime view of the night’s headliner, with no sight of an opener on the bill.

The devoted did not leave disappointed. As soon as the lights went down at 9:30 and the band took the stage to gargling roars, beneath giant silver upside down crosses on a wide stage flanked by video screens on both sides, the four men of Slayer launched into “World Painted Blood” and continued a fusillade of pummeling songs — “Postmortem,” “Hate Worldwide,” “Die by the Sword” and “Chemical Warfare” — before pausing for their first breather and to engage the crowds.

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