Not all that glitters is gold. This ‘Real Housewife of Miami’ was reportedly arrested for driving with a suspended license after she was fleeing her house because of cockroaches.

Daily Mail – Former member of ‘The Real Housewives of Miami’ cast Ana Quincoces was arrested Sunday in Key Largo for driving with a suspended license – an incident she blamed on a cockroach infestation at a friend’s home.

But a 911 call from an earlier incident involving Quincoces suggests that unrequited love may have set her on the path to jail.

The 50-year-old lawyer and cookbook author from Coral Gables was pulled over in her Subaru SUV by a Monroe County sheriff’s deputy at mile marker 99 on US 1 at around 3.40am.

The officer wrote in the incident report, cited by Keys Info Net, that he stopped Quincoces because he recognized her from a previous encounter that took place just hours earlier.

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