This is absolutely disgusting. Yet, if it was her choice, it would be perfectly legal.

Daily Mail – A popular restaurateur with establishments in Los Angeles and Miami is expected to be sentenced to nine years in prison for allegedly killing his unborn child.

Josh Woodward was arrested in October 2009 after a woman he was having a relationship with lost the child she was carrying after just 13 weeks and noticed a white powder in her underwear.

She told police that she recalled Woodward dipping his finger into a bag before touching her sexually during a previous encounter, and said that hours later she lost the fetus.

A test of the substance found that it was misoprostol, a drug used to induce labor and terminate pregnancies.

When police arrested Woodward outside of the woman’s house a few days later, he had the substance on him in his pocket and was caught trying to discard the bag.

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