Shirley Bass isn’t a fan of the new trends in Hollywood fashion that seem to be a competition among celebrities.

Express – She made her name as the original diva with a lifestyle of glitz and glamour and a fashion sense to match.

But Dame Shirley Bassey has criticised today’s pop divas for setting a bad example in their “competitions” to wear the most revealing outfits rather than singing the best songs.

The star, still as glamorous as ever at 78, said she was horrified when she saw images of Rihanna, Beyonce and Jennifer Lopez at the Met Ball in New York in eye-popping designs at the beginning of the month.

“They’re all in competition with each other about who can wear the skimpiest outfit,” said Dame Shirley.

“In my day it was for the stage only you didn’t go out like it. When I saw the Met Ball the other day – excuse me!

“I think you have to leave a lot to the imagination – yes my dance was sexy and my dress had slits down to here, but I left a lot to the imagination I didn’t show everything.

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