This Middle School is allowing their students to do this about the lesson on Islam – but liberals are not too happy about it. 

Truth Revolt – Ohio middle schoolers are being allowed to opt out of taking a social studies lesson on Islam if their parents make the request.

The school’s superintendent told Buzzfeed that he made the decision “due to a number of anti-Muslim incidents, seventh graders may opt out of a small part of the state’s social studies curriculum.”

The superintendent, Keith Horner, insisted that he is not recommending this option to students, but will leave it up to the parents. The focus of the lesson is said to be on the Islamic achievements in medicine, science, and mathematics and its domination after the decline of the Roman Empire.

People responded harshly on social media; some even blamed white people [strong language alert]:

“They aren’t trying to convert the children they are giving a history lesson just like they would about the Christian, Jewish, Catholic and so many other religions that are out there. We need to stop being so hateful towards people just because they don’t share our same looks, beliefs, traditions, cultures or even views in life. We can not re-write history. Opting out of taking a history lesson on the Islamic Religion will only make you child just as ignorant as you. We are trying to create a better future not hold our children back!”

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