They say he is a ‘true gentleman’ – I would like to know what their definition of ‘gentleman’ is.

Daily Mail – Two Playboy Bunnies have revealed what it is like living as Hugh Hefner’s companions, saying the Playboy Mansion has a ‘family environment’.

Crystal McCahill and Jessa Hinton, both 31, were Miss May 2009 and Miss July 2011 respectively.

With plenty of misconceptions of what is required of a Playboy Playmate, Hinton told Daily Mail Australia it was ‘absolutely absurd’ people thought they had to sleep with Hefner.

‘He’s never hit on me, he’s just very gentleman-like and proper,’ she said.

‘He’s the epitome of gentleman… You really don’t meet people like that anymore.’

McCahill revealed the flamboyant businessman liked to keep to a routine, planning out an activity for each day to do with his playmates – including movie and board game nights.

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