These homeless people had enough of this guy going to town in the port-a-potty – so they took measures into their own hands. (No pun intended). 

PORTLAND, Ore. – Homeless individuals who were sick and tired of a man pleasuring himself inside a portable potty with the door open decided to teach him a lesson he wouldn’t forget. So they snuck up behind the toilet and knocked it over, officials said.

It all started around 8 a.m. Thursday at the Eastbank Esplanade at the foot of Portland’s Hawthorne Bridge. Portland police say a 48-year-old homeless man was pleasuring himself inside a Honey Bucket portable toilet with the door wide open.

“(He) was flashing us over and over again, and we asked him multiple times and told him to stop and he wouldn’t,” a homeless woman said. “Our friend thought it would be funny to get up and jump behind the porta-potty and kick it.”

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