Marco Rubio’s son doesn’t seem too thrilled to be on the campaign trail.

Daily Mail – It seems that it’s a tough life being the son of a presidential candidate.

Listening to his father push his credentials as a Republican front-runner, Marco Rubio’s boy Dominick couldn’t stop himself from giving a large yawn while his father was mid-speech.

The seven-year-old had joined his father on stage during a campaign town hall event in New Hampshire when the funny incident happened.

Rubio’s campaign is gathering momentum in New Hampshire after placing third in Monday’s Iowa caucuses, finishing one percentage point behind Donald Trump and four points behind the leader, Senator Ted Cruz.

Following the vote Rubio said he was the Republican for all Americans and had the best chance of stopping Cruz and Trump.

Rubio finished behind Cruz, the heavy favorite among Iowa’s disproportionately influential conservatives, and less than a percentage point behind the billionaire Trump in the country’s leadoff contest.

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