The question is why they did the pilots fail to send an SOS?

Daily Mail – The final moments of Germanwings Flight 4U 9525 were shrouded in mystery today after air traffic controllers claimed they received no SOS despite the jet nosediving 32,000ft in just eight minutes.

All 144 passengers and six crew were today presumed dead after the Airbus A320 crashed in a remote region of the French Alps en route from Spain to Germany.

Two babies and 16 German children from the same school on an exchange trip are believed to be among those killed.

Sources at the school said some children had left their passports behind and had to return to get them, sparking hopes some had missed the plane.

Earlier reports quoted aviation sources in France as saying the pilots issued a Mayday distress signal and requested an emergency descent minutes before it hit the ground.

However, civil aviation authorities later denied that air traffic controllers received any such call.

‘It was air traffic control that decided to declare the plane was in distress because there was no contact with the crew of the plane,’ a source told AFP.

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