He believed she was a Princess. Kind of like how Bruce Jenner thinks….wait.

Daily Mail – One town in Mexico just got a very snappy first lady.

On Tuesday, Joel Vazquez Rojas, the mayor of San Pedro Huamelula, tied the knot with an alligator princess named María Isabel in a traditional ceremony as hundreds in the town watched and cheered.

The annual ceremony is meant to bring plenty of fish, shrimp and seafood to the many fisherman who live in the Pacific coast town.

It was busy day for the lucky alligator, as not only did she walk down the aisle dressed in traditional white garb and with a very large piece of duct tape around her snout, but she was also baptized prior to the festivities.

The ceremony happens every year, and Mayor Rojas even exchanges vows with the reptile, who is now referred to as his wife.

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