Melissa Joan Hart has gone from “Clarissa Explains It All” to explaining something she clearly knows nothing about. Isn’t it so funny when an anti-gun group makes an ‘informative’ video about gun safety?

According to Gun Free Zone, MJH gives some stats that don’t seem to prove much and some safety tips that don’t seem to make much sense. Check it out…

We begin the usual blabber of guns are bad and yes you have a right but no you don’t (responsibilities!) and we follow with Mr. NYPD on Loan To Moms, a Beretta, a gun lock and a small gun safe, looks good.

Next, NYPD Officer unloads the Beretta. Still fine.

Next, he places the magazine inside the safe…

And locks the safe? Huh? So, what happens to the gun?

Ohh, the cable lock…about time too.

And that is it. I guess the gun stays OUTSIDE the safe.

So either MDA is going to provide a safe, a gun lock and a cop to every household, or somebody again did not do its homework by interpreting the “secure your gun and ammo in different places” in a rather bizarre manner. I can give you the double redundancy of having the cabled gun inside the safe, but locking the ammo and leaving the gun out? Oy!