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It is unimaginable to live in a place like this.

When her mother’s body was found decapitated on her town’s main street, Ahilin Quiñones became another one of the countless orphans in Mexico’s Guerrero state, whose lives have been destroyed by a surge in female kidnap and murder.

Her mother, Aidé Nava, was a mayoral candidate in their cartel-infested Mexican mountain village of Ahuacuotzingo.

After vowing to rid the town of its opium-cultivating gangsters, she was kidnapped by the cartel who tortured, raped and decapitated her.

On March 11, the ruthless gangsters left her body out in the open and covered it in a spray-painted sheet which read: ‘This will happen to anyone who doesn’t get in line.’

‘The police told us they couldn’t identify the body without the head,’ Ahilin told MailOnline, ‘I was forced to recognise my mother’s corpse by a birthmark she had on her forearm.’

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