These 5th graders had their plans ruined – and the worst part is that the school never even told the parents about it. 

CLIFTON – Parents dropping their children off Thursday morning at School 11 were shocked to learn that five fifth graders had allegedly tried to build an explosive device to bring on a field trip to the city’s high school Wednesday. The parents were upset that they had not been notified by the school of the incident.

“We’re just learning about it today,” said one mother, who declined to give her name. “This is all surreal.”

School officials discovered papers around 9 a.m. Wednesday, allegedly detailing plans to bring the device to Clifton High School and set it off, Clifton Police Detective Sgt. Robert Bracken said. The device was found at the school, he said.

Although the device did not contain any explosives and ultimately “wasn’t dangerous to anybody,” Bracken said, “they thought it was capable of doing damage.”

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