This fisherman came across something he definitely was not expecting to see.

A baby girl was found inside a partially submerged car in Utah’s Spanish Fork river on Saturday, but her mother did not survive the crash.

A fisherman found the crashed car in the river Saturday afternoon, about 13 hours after the accident is believed to have happened.

A neighbor in the area reported hearing a loud noise near the bridge Friday night, around 11pm, but couldn’t locate the cause of the sound.

Police identified the mother Sunday afternoon as Springville resident Lynn Jennifer Groesbeck. The identity of her daughter is not being released, but authorities say the little girl is in stable but critical condition at the hospital.   

Emergency responders who arrived at the scene on Saturday found the red Dodge Caliber upside down, partially submerged in the river.

Groesbeck was found dead but her 18-month-old girl was alive, seated above the freezing waters in the rear passenger seat.

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