If this was a publicity stunt, it sure as heck got everyone’s attention! What do you think?

Daily Mail – Steve Harvey’s embarrassing failure to name the correct winner of Sunday’s Miss Universe pageant was just a little too perfect for some viewers, who are now crying foul and claiming the whole thing was a well-orchestrated publicity stunt.

On her part, Miss Colombia Ariadna Gutierrez seemed to be gracious in her defeat, saying with admirable equanimity during a brief backstage interview that ‘everything happens for a reason.’

Dabbing her eyes with a napkin, the first Miss Universe runner-up said in broken English she was happy with all she had accomplished and thanked her supporters for voting for her.

Gutierrez then took to Instagram Monday morning, sharing photos of herself wearing the glittering Miss Universe crown and getting a hug from last year’s winner, who was also from Colombia.

‘This moments [sic] will always be with me,’ she wrote, adding the hashtags ‘#missuniverse’ and ‘#misscolombia’, and writing in Spanish that Colombia triumphed back to back.

On Monday morning, the official Facebook page of Ariadna Gutierrez’s fan club shared a video that purports to show the moment a woman in the audience came up to the stage and handed Harvey a card allegedly containing Miss Philippines’ name. Daily Mail Online cannot confirm the authenticity of the clip and its provenance is unknown at this time.

Gutierrez’s sister Alexandra, speaking to the Primeira Hora radio program in Brazil, described the heart-wrenching moment she learned Ariadna was not the winner.

‘At that moment we didn’t realize what was going on because we were screaming and jumping with emotion. When we them saw Miss Philippines next to the girl from the United States we realized what had happened and became profoundly silent,’ she recalled.

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