They look like piles of spaghetti, but a closer look has Texans dumbfounded over what they’ve been finding on the roads.

Daily Mail – Since the recent storms in Texas, worms in the area have been behaving strangely.

In Einsenhower State Park, for instance, rangers have spotted clumps of what they thought was discarded spaghetti sitting in the middle of the road.

On closer inspection, the strings of pasta turned out to be mounds of worms, sitting in a perfect line at the centre of the road stripe.

In total, the rangers discovered 30 clumps of earthworms following heavy rain and flooding in the southern US park which borders Lake Texoma.

‘Even our biologist doesn’t know why they’re spaced so well and in the line,’ Park Superintendent Ben Herman told ABC News.

Worms have been known to arrange themselves in clumps such as this, and are often called ‘earthworm herds.’

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