It’s all fun and games until someone loses half their nose. Instead of losing his keys, this guy loses his nose. 

Inquisitr – After a night of drinking and partying, people can easily lose keys, or clothes, or even their dignity — but it’s something of a rarity to wake up missing part of your own face and not remember what happened.

But that’s exactly the position Christopher Watson is in. Watson, a 32-year-old man from West Boldon, South Tyneside, in the United Kingdom, was enjoying a night of revelry and drinking with his co-workers from Newcastle’s Vermont Hotel. They were celebrating the holiday season and somehow, Watson’s nose got lost in the process.

Christopher believes he was attacked outside of Fenwick, near Grey’s monument.

While he does not remember how it happened, or who did it, Watson does remember one thing about the nose-losing incident: The pain.

“All I can remember is a flash of blue, then the pain of someone biting my nose, I can just remember the excruciating pain. I was delirious, in shock and in pain.”

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