We bet you’re not going to hear about this from the mainstream media. 

Pamela Geller – New photos released in tree lighting bomb plot case:

In what could have been a jihadi bloodbath of unimaginable proportions, a young American Muslim, Mohamed Mohamud, attempted to mass murder upwards of 25,000  Christian families (mostly women and children) at a Christmas tree-lighting ceremony in Portland, Ore. Mohamed Mohamud was found guilty, and Hamas-CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations) were enraged. According to Reuters, Hamas-CAIR’s Ibrahim Hooper “said the case could alienate the Muslim community,” and his defense claimed “entrapment.”

There is cell phone video of Muslim in Oregon who attempted to bomb Pioneer Courthouse Square, where 25,000 infidels gathered during a Christmas Tree lighting ceremony. The video, captured in a dorm room, is very telling. This is clearly an American Muslim, steeped in American culture, who wants to destroy it. And the motive? Islam.

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