I’m this will all go according to plan…right up until the world bombs the crap out of them.

Daily Mail – Leaked internal documents have laid bare a staggeringly sophisticated level of administration imposed by ISIS in a bid to turn its self-declared caliphate into a legitimate state.

The terrorists have created departments to administer over the health, education and the treasury sectors, while it also holds 15-day annual refresher courses for its veteran soldiers.

The majority of the revelations come in a 24-page memo, shown to The Guardian, which was published in the months after the group announced its caliphate in mid-2014.

Other details emerge in hundreds of documents translated by Aymenn al-Tamimi, a 23-year-old researcher in Cardiff.

The primary document – named Principles in the Administration of the Islamic State – was written as a base text to train groups of civil servants.

It says: ‘The state requires an Islamic system of life, a Qur’anic constitution and a system to implement it.

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