Critics are a little freaky, eh?

Daily Mail – It may have been touted as the steamiest thing in Hollywood – but movie critics rounded on Fifty Shades of Grey for being too light on the sex.

In a barrage of reviews published on Tuesday night, most of those who sat down with the raunchy adaptation ahead of its 13 February release date lamented its ‘run-of-the-mill’ lovemaking.

One critic pointed out that sex only makes up 15 minutes of the two-hour runtime. Another pointed out that there are no visible genitals, no orgasms – and not that much nudity.

Frustrated critics implied that the on-screen action between leads Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan left them unfulfilled, in contrast to EL James’s notoriously explicit novels.

Writing in USA Today, critic Claudia Puig said bluntly: ‘Those looking for hot, kinky sex will be disappointed. Fewer than 15 of the movie’s 125 minutes feature sex scenes.

‘Discussion of contracts and objections over line items outweigh erotica. Even the graphic nudity grows numbing.’

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