Where have all the manly men gone? This chick takes a look at what went wrong in our history that turned men into the emotional hipsters that they are today.

By Elena Laurenti, Elite Daily

But then, the 1940s happened, and aside from Carole Lombard and her epic leopard print wardrobe, there was also that little thing called World War II. What happened there? Dudes in uniform killed Nazis and dropped bombs and sh*t. Sounds manly to me. And when they came home? Unending sex in the city.

Not Carrie Bradshaw, dear ones, just the zygotes of a million future baby boomers being made while listening to Glenn Miller Band. Women went back to the kitchen; men went back to the workplace. The still-powerful male gender got busy drinking martinis, being classy and smacking secretaries’ asses. So, still no answer.

But then, the 60s and 70s: You know what happened then? The pill. There’s something to be said about gaining power over one’s body in such a strong way. And, it was the start of something huge. Women, who gained a taste of working only half a decade before while the men fought overseas, emerged from behind the suburban curtains, a la Hamlet, and wanted back in the offices.

Odd, but somehow, they seemed to like not being chained to the kitchen oven, baking cookies while wearing pearls. The hippie movement gave more of an even ground, gender-wise, to that generation, what with communes and free love. And of course, with the Civil Rights movement and Vietnam, no one seemed too focused on “man vs. woman” anymore (unless you were sticking it to The Man. Ba-zing!)

The 80s brought women even more to the workplace forefront, complete with shoulder pads and power suits. And then… today. Do you have an answer yet? Or do you just hate me? Well, the answer is surprisingly simple, and was there all along: If we look back to life post-WWII, at every advancement that took place afterward gender-wise, they all revolved around women. Nothing fun or interesting happened with guys.

I guess that’s the thing about being at the top: The only way to go is down. And therein lies the answer. Men today pretty much suck and cannot handle strong women because women have changed, but men have not.

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