Looks like Obama is more concerned with making funny BuzzFeed videos than defeating ISIS. 

Daily Mail – Winking, poking out his tongue and firing an imaginary gun in sunglasses, this is the leader of the free world clowning around in the Oval Office.

Although some might expect him to have more pressing matters on his plate such as the fighting in Syria, Iraq and Ukraine, Barack Obama found time to pose for a video released yesterday in a bid to reach out to young voters.

Filmed in the White House, it aims to spread the word about his overhaul of the nation’s health system to a tech-savvy generation.

The footage, which received 100,000 views within an hour of being posted online, is titled ‘Things Everybody Does But Doesn’t Talk About’.

It starts with the President, 53, making faces in a mirror, wearing sunglasses and shaping his fingers like a gun.

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