Well, this is a shocker…not. I have a feeling this was a nasty break up.

Daily Mail – Two fathers who were made famous when an Instagram image of them doing their daughters’ hair in the morning went viral have broken up.

Kordale Lewis, 26, and Caleb Anthony, 27, from Atlanta, Georgia, became overnight sensations with the photo in January 2014 and have since starred in a powerful ad campaign for Nikon promoting acceptance.

But fans of the couple were blindsided when Caleb – who had previously gone by the spelling Kaleb – made a series of posts on Instagram, which have since been removed, including a long letter explaining that he was leaving Kordale, breaking off their engagement.

B. Scott , who obtained screen shots of the posts before they were deleted, reports that Caleb blamed a ‘screwed up situation that has recently transpired between [Kordale] and me,’ for the break-up.’My love for them will always prevail even if “Daddy” and I are no longer together,’ Caleb wrote of the couple’s three children, Desmiray, 8, Malia, 7, and Kordale Jr., 6. ‘Truthfully, they are the ONLY reason I am sad to leave and move on.’

Although he did not elaborate on specifics around the split, Caleb claimed he had been ‘disrespected’ by his long-time love.

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