Well, here’s a strange situation. What happened to the old fashioned way of making babies with someone you actually know?

Daily Mail – A lesbian couple are suing a Georgia sperm bank for false advertising – claiming their ‘PhD student, eloquent-speaking’ donor turned out to be a schizophrenic with a criminal record.

Angela Collins and Margaret Elizabeth Hanson from Port Hope, Ontario, decided to use Xytex Corp to start a family in 2006, believing they had a strict vetting process.

According to a lawsuit seen by the Atlanta Constitution Journal, the pair were told their donor had an IQ of 160, a bachelor of science degree in neuroscience, a master’s degree in artificial intelligence, and was working on his PhD in neuroscience engineering.

He was also described as being mature beyond his years and an eloquent speaker.

But in June 2014 they discovered his name was James Christian Aggeles, according to the suit, after the company inadvertently revealed his identity in a number of emails.

Through their own research they found that he had dropped out of college and had been arrested for burglary, and that his pictures had been doctored to remove a large mole from his cheek.

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