I think they missed the whole point of trying to prevent him from dying. 

Daily Mail – A woman called the police to ask for help with her suicidal boyfriend and they arrived armed with assault rifles, asked her to wait outside and then shot him dead.

Justin Way, 28, was a recovering alcoholic who relapsed after losing his job and when he threatened to harm himself, his partner Kaitlyn Lyons called for a non-emergency police number – hoping that he would be hospitalized.

In her panicked call, Ms Lyons asked an operator ‘what do I do and who do I call?’ before adding ‘he recently lost his job… he’s also been drinking’.

Minutes later, two deputies from the St. John’s County Sheriff’s Office arrived, armed as if ‘they were going into war’, and told Ms Lyons to wait outside before storming into the property.

Before the call, Way had been lying in bed with a serrated knife while threatening to kill himself, The Daily Beast reports.

After entering Way’s bedroom, the police officers shot him in the chest and abdomen, allegedly before he could even sit up, his parents believe.

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