The amount of money this painting sold for will completely blow your mind.

Inquisitr – Billionaire Bill Koch sold a raunchy reversible painting by renowned artist Picasso for $67.45 million. Called La Gommeuse or The Cabaret Dancer, the main painting depicts a naked woman. However, hidden for over a century was another painting created by the maestro, which was revealed at the turn of this century.

American billionaire Bill Koch sold a painting from his personal collection. The Picasso portrait of a nightclub singer which features a second painting on the reverse sold for an astronomical, but not unbelievable, sum of $67.45 million in a New York auction. The second painting, just like the life of Picasso, remained a mystery and was hidden underneath the lining of the main painting for a century, until it was accidentally discovered and then carefully uncovered during conservation work in the year 2000.

The reversible painting was drawn by Picasso when he was just 19 years old. He drew it during the famous “Blue Period,” between 1901 and 1904. Paintings from this time period rarely come up for auction and usually command top dollar, and the reversible painting was no exception.

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Image: Getty