The claws are out with Piers Morgan and Heather Mills, Paul McCartney’s ex-wife. Check out this scathing column he wrote on her. 

By Piers Morgan, Daily Mail

Last week, I appeared on Ireland’s most popular TV programme, The Late Late Show.

On arrival, I was informed that Heather Mills, former wife of Beatles legend Sir Paul McCartney, was also a guest.

My whole torso erupted into spontaneous violent spasms of shock and horror, until the producer laughed and explained she had pre-taped her segment and had now left the building.

To say we have history together is like saying the Bush family had ‘a bit of previous’ with Saddam Hussein.

I introduced Heather to Paul at a charity event in 1999.

It was a moment that his daughter Stella later thanked me for with the immortal words: ‘Dad’s really grateful, you cost him $50 million.’

After their bitter divorce battle, in which Heather tried to single-handedly destroy Paul’s reputation, I issued a public apology to the singer, declaring: ‘I’m sorry Macca for ever introducing you to this little monster.’

She’s a total fantasist.

An inveterate liar for whom the truth never gets in the way of a self-aggrandising yarn. Don’t take my word for it, take the words of the judge in her divorce whose damning conclusions were effectively that she’s a greedy, ghastly creature prone to ‘make-belief’. He also said there was no actual evidence to support her much-vaunted claim to donate most of her earnings to charity.

I believe Heather married Paul McCartney for his fame, money and to further her own career. The same Paul McCartney she now so gleefully trashes.

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