Piers Morgan sounds off on the James Bond controversy and brings some common sense into play.

Daily Mail – Sir Roger Moore was my favourite James Bond.

A suave, smart, sophisticated, eloquent, absurdly charming, utterly ruthless assassin who oozed testosterone-fuelled heterosexual pheromones from every pore.

He was the perfect embodiment of author Ian Fleming’s original 007 template: white, straight, male, impervious to long-term relationships and very happy killing bad guys.

Now, Sir Roger has come under fire for saying that Bond should never be gay, female or black.

His reason?

‘That wasn’t what Ian Fleming wrote. It’s not about being homophobic, or racist, it’s about being true to the character.’

Daniel Craig, the current Bond, disagreed. ‘Anything’s possible, so long as it’s credible and it works.’


I’m with Sir Roger on this. Well, mostly.

I’ve appeared in eight movies over the past few years, most recently in Entourage: The Movie, and like all budding thespians I yearn for more big screen action.

But I know my limitations:

I can’t play Nelson Mandela or Martin Luther King.

Because I’m white, and their racial identity was crucial to their stories.

I’m not going to be Wonder Woman or Mary Poppins.

Because I’m a bloke.

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