Whose side are you on? The former playboy model trying to protect the flag or the students desecrating it?

Scroll down for the video.

Bro Bible – Michelle Manhart is an Air Force vet and a former 2007 Playboy model. The Atlanta Journal Constitution’s bio shares what she’s perhaps more recognized for:

Manhart, a sergeant in the Air Force at the time, appeared in Playboy in 2007, posing in uniform, out of uniform and while draped with the American flag. She was reprimanded and demoted and quit the military the next year.

She kicked a beehive at Valdosta State University this past weekend. A group of protestors were apparently “trampling” over an American flag over racial inequity. She seized a convenient opportunity to be in the media spotlight and swooped in to “rescue” Old Glory from desecration. Except the campus cops at Valdosta State didn’t appreciate the uproar it started, detaining her after she resisted. According to the AJC, she was given a criminal trespass warning which basically bans her from the campus. Here’s the encounter:

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