Prince William is giving ISIS the finger…maybe Obama can learn a thing or two from him.

Bro Bible – Prince William didn’t have any plans to attend the international soccer friendly between France and England at Wembley Stadium on Tuesday night. But after the events that transpired in Paris last Friday, he made them.


A number of tributes to Paris are planned during the soccer match, including the playing of the Marseillaise, (The French national anthem) after “God Save the Queen,” which is not usually done. There will also be a moment of silence to remember the victims of Friday’s Paris attacks prior to kickoff.

Both teams will wear black armbands during the game. Eonline reports that “the England team will make a gesture of solidarity to the French team prior to kickoff.” A coach for England’s team told the BBC tomorrow’s game will not be a “normal friendly” one following the attacks on Paris.

“I can’t deny there’s something hanging over which is far, far greater than a football match,” English coach Rob Hodgson admitted, saying he felt the the match will have “massive global significance.”

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