This is exactly why aliens won’t come visit us. 

Viral Thread –  It’s pretty evident that the man bun is slowly but surely taking over the world. You love them, I love them, everybody bloody loves them. So what the hell do you do if your luscious locks are not lengthy enough to be swept back into a whole or pony bun? Or if your bun-derful hairstyle starts to cause premature balding? Well hipsters distress no more, all you have to do is buy clip-on one…

I am not pulling your ponytail leg, this is an official product. We have e-commerce marketplaceGroupon to thank for this one. They are currently offering the “clip in man bun. For the man who wears hats, but no bun” for $9.99, discounted from $65.32. Now that’s what I call a bargain.


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