Turkish men are protesting the low status of women by wearing mini-skirts in Turkey after a 20-year old was raped and murdered by a bus driver after trying to use pepper spray against him. 

Daily Mail – Dozens of men have posed in mini skirts in protest about the low status of women in Turkey after a 20-year-old student was murdered after she is believed to have tried to stop a man raping her.

Ozgecan Aslan’s burned body was found in woodland after she is alleged to have tried to resist a sexual assault by minibus driver Ahmet Suphi Altindoken who then stabbed and clubbed her to death, it is claimed.

Her death saw thousands of people take to the streets of Turkey during several days of protests about the lack of equality in the country, and saw women share their stories of harassment and violence on Twitter.

Men in neighbouring Azerbaijan, which has strong cultural ties to Turkey, have now started their own social media campaign to call for better rights for women, by posing in skirts and holding up signs bearing Miss Aslan’s name.

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