A retired teacher was pulled over and now facing 10 years in prison for having an unloaded antique gun in his glove compartment.

A New Jersey man has spoken out about a traffic stop which led to his arrest the next day, because deputies discovered his car contained an unloaded antique gun.

In November 2014 Gordon Van Gilder was pulled over and stopped for a ‘minor traffic violation’ and a sheriff’s deputy asked to do a search.


Van Gilder, 72, said that he agreed to have the car searched, and when asked by a deputy if there was anything dangerous in the car, told him the glove compartment contained a flintlock pistol.

‘The reason I got the firearm was it goes with my collection of 18th-century objects,’ he explained to NRA News.

He said in the interview ‘One of the undersheriffs said, ‘Well, let him go, it’s 250 years old.’ But his boss, who is the sheriff, said, ‘No, we have to arrest him.’

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