Here’s even more of a reason to get tickets to the ‘big game’ now. Let’s see how soon before more stadiums follow suit.

Chicago Business – Fans at Chicago Bulls and Blackhawks playoff games will be able to pour their own brews, thanks to a trial run by arena concessionaire Levy Restaurants with DraftServ, an up-and-coming self-service beer technology.

Two DraftServ units, each with four taps, will be installed at the United Center, stationed outside the Goose Island Brew Pub near Section 110 of the arena. They will be in use for Game 1 of the Bulls-Bucks series on April 18 and through the postseason for both Chicago teams.

The technology, which made national headlines when it was tested at the MLB All-Star Game in Minnesota last summer, works like this:

Fans buy a prepaid card from a cashier next to the machines, which they can use to tap a sensor on the DraftServ unit. They grab a cup and then, like pumping gas, buyers pour as much beer as they want into their cup, with the final price deducted from their card.

Drinkers pay by the ounce, as opposed to the standard-size offerings at regular arena concession stands. They’ll have a choice of Bud Light and Budweiser at 42.5 cents per ounce, or Stella Artois and Goose Island at 47.5 cents per ounce.

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