Some of these locations may surprise you. If you are a young, single girl, think twice about travelling to these places or take some serious precautions if you do.

Daily Mail – Travelling to far-flung exotic destinations can be a hugely rewarding experience that many women in the West take for granted.

For most, it is an entirely safe and liberating adventure that they will never forget – for all the right reasons.

But while wolf whistles, cat calls and belligerent taxi drivers may be an annoyance for some solo travellers, there are some countries where women may be exposed to misogyny, pestering and, in some extreme cases, danger.

1) India 

Gang rapes of local women and tourists have reached worrying levels in parts of the country with reports suggesting that a sexual assault is reported every twenty minutes.

2) Brazil

Stunning images of scantily-clad women from Rio’s world-famous Carnival does little to mask the fact that much of Brazil remains in the grip of widespread violence led by criminal gangs and abusive police.

3) Turkey

The attempted rape and subsequent murder of 20-year-old student Ozgecan Aslan last week thrust the thorny issue of gender-based violence directly into the headlines.

4) Thailand

Millions of tourists flock to Thailand every year, but the brutal murder of British backpackers David Miller and Hannah Witheridge, who was also raped, in Koh Tao last September lifted the lid on the country’s seedy, and often violent, underbelly.

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