What would you do if you were this parent? This little girl is as healthy a second grader as they come.

BELTON, Mo. —The leader of the Belton School District is promising changes after a girl came home from school with a note saying that her body mass index was too high.

Kylee Moss’ mother said she was infuriated when her daughter brought home the note from Hillcrest Elementary last Friday, along with a recommendation for healthy snacks and more physical activity.

“She goes, ‘Does this mean I’m fat?’ and I said, ‘No, this does not mean you are fat,'” said Amanda Moss.

Kylee, 7, stands 3 feet 10 inches tall and weighs 54 pounds. Her mother said she’s as active a second-grader as you’re likely to see.

“She is tiny. She has no body fat at all,” said Amanda Moss.

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